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Millions of
Paper crosses
Lined the gushing
Tear Drops.

Human agony
Thriving unabated
Growing paper crosses
Testify violent deeds

Dead sleep in peace
While the living despair
The absence of death

Yusuf Arakkal - 11th July, 1997


Crammed, dirty pallette
Colours huddled together
Yearning to stretch
Spread on to each other
.............losing identity

They cried.........
Give us
The vastness of canvasses
We will float free
Melt into one another
Will wipe out the emptiness
Of Unimagination.

Cries fell on deaf ears
I sat blinded by
The whiteness
of the canvas
...........afraid to
disturb the nothingness.

Yusuf Arakkal - 19th June, 1984